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Build your net worth by building your network.

Why join SDN?

Why should I consider joining SDN?

At Salem Downtown Networkers meetings we share business tips, inspirations, encourage, teach and learn, mentor, socialize and enjoy giving back to our great community in different ways. Salem Downtown Networkers is a unique business networking group that builds lasting friendships as well as an effective network of trusted business contacts, and it’s all accomplished while having FUN! We are such a great group that some of our members have been in the group since 1998!

How SDN works

How SDN works

When you become a member of SDN your business outreach multiplies through everyone of our members. Potential contacts are not limited to just the members in our group, but multiplied outward to all of the member contacts, friends and family, too!

We’d like to get to know you and see if we would be a good fit. We share a common goal of seeking to broaden our business connections with local companies and business owners who offer quality and integrity to their clientele and community. We’re an energetic, friendly business-to-business referral group meeting in Salem, Oregon.

Come join us, your business will thank you.