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Welcome to Salem Downtown Networkers

“The greatest compliment you’ll ever receive is a referral”

The purpose of our Salem Downtown Networkers is to increase our business while creating relationships of trust with each other. We are a small close-knit group and get to know each other well so we can feel complete confidence in referring each other to our own contacts.

You don’t have to be a downtown business to be in our group, we just meet downtown. Come have breakfast on us the first visit. Tell us about your business, pass out your business cards and get a feel for the personality of our networking group!  You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

Each category is exclusively held by that member. Business marketing while helping each other grow and leadership skills are the focus.

“Networking is like having your own personal sales force— and you have added sales staff with NO salaries to pay! (Just the modest annual fee that benefits the whole club and you’ll earn back every penny in referrals.)”

Our Mission Statement

A group of friendly, active business professionals committed to weekly meetings for the purpose of building trusted relationships, and learning about each members business to enable us to confidently make referrals to our own individual network of contacts and help all of our businesses grow!